buying secondhand clothes and accessoires in Germany

I wrote a comment at another bloggers´s post about saving money that I like to buy secondhand clothes and accessoires at secondhand-stores and fleamarkets. The blogger answered that she thought about buying secondhand, but isn´t sure how and where.

Here are my tipps

Right locations

I also do not buy at any secondhand-shop that I see. I always check out the store. Look at the variety of clothes, how neat the store is, and if it smells good. If it doesn´t meet any of these criteria, it may not be the place for you.

Are there „tons“ of clothing drown in a heap?

Does the shop smell strange?

In Germany, there a fleamarkets there are flea markets that specialize in selling women´s clothing. This is a good place because you have a good selection and don´t have to pass other stalls.

Most of this special flea markets are inside of buildings. There are restrooms and places where you can buy food and drinks. Also even in cold and/or rainy weather this flea market are open.

There is a price to pay for entry. From 2-3.50 Euros.

Right seller

Call me bias, but I like to buy from seller who are engage with their buyers. Talking and having fun with us. It gives you a sense they are engaged and happy to help.

I choose seller who show knowledge for the clothes they sell and make suggest something else depending on what you are searching for. Often times, you`ll find sellers who are more engeged with their mobile phones and looking bored and annoyed.

Survey what the seller offers. Sometimes there are different sizes and styles and too much clothes for one person. This is how you know if the seller is a commercial one.

For secondhand-stores: Always check out the second-hand store from the outside. Is there  light.  Or is it dark inside? I would not go into a storeif I couldn´t see the clothes properly.

Right clothes and accessoires

When you find something check the colour, the seams, the smell. Look at the stall. Are the clothes and the stall tidy? Do the clothes look and smell good? If it doesn´t look or smell right, don´t buy there.

Don´t buy something you are unsure about buying. I need a wow effect when I think about buying a piece. When I think „Well, maybe, I don´t know“ then I put it back and move on until Ido find something I want.

Survival tipps and insights

In Germany the fleamarkets are very crowded. But still I like to go there once in a while.

Always take food and drinks with you. The ones they sell at the flea markets are expensive. Take ab big bag to carry all the treasures you can find. Always come prepared.

Make a plan for what you want to get. Buy things you really want to wear. I see people who buy tons of clothes and say:  „If I don´t wear it, I will ditch it.“ That is a waste of money and not ecological.

If you find someting at one stall but want to look through other clothes there, keep the clothes in your hand. If you place it back another buyer could pick it. Another way is to give the clothes or accessoires to the seller and tell them that you want to look what else they have.

When you buy more from one seller you could negotiate a smaller prize.

When I enter the hall with stalls my first step is to pass all the corridors and check the stalls from a distance,

What do they offer?

How does the seller engage (exited, bored, annoyed)?

I memorize which stalls I want to visit and start from the entrance. Nothing more bad than waste all your money on one stall.

If possible follow this strategy: Come in the last hour of the fleamarket again. You can find clothes and accessoires that you didn´t find before due to the mass of stuff someone sells. Some sellers lower the prices because „better sold for less than bring it back home and store it there“.

When I found something that is expensive or I love it even it is not what I searched for. I let fate decided. It is still there at the end of the time and I still want it, then I buy it.

I often buy something small and inexpensive that wasn´t really one my list. Something that I buy spontaneous but of course what I want.

Once it was this scarf for 1 Euro. I still wear it. Or this t-shirt.

What are your tipps and tricks?

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