Buying small shoes as a grown-up woman

We had to go to a shop specialised in very small or very big sizes for non-standard feet for men and women. In Germany you say: Schuhe in Unter- und Übergröße (I could not find a translation). My stepmother bought one pair for 120 Euro.

Unfortunately the selection in this shop is not very high. Basicly the often have only neutral colours.

My favourite were pumps in creme with golden embellishments and a golden rose. My colleagues asked, if I bought them in a doll house. The last one I had 15 years ago where this one:

I bought them for 99 Euro. The original price would have been 160 Euro. Then I decided I want the shoes I want. I don´t mind people noticing my small feet. For 3 or 4 years I thought I was supposed to wear subtly shoes to not draw more attention. So I bought black and brown shoes at the stores for children´s shoes. I was so bored already with buying them and wearing them was more boring. I envied all other people.

My tipps for buying shoes in a small size

1. Look at shops with a special offer for small sizes. Unfortunately there are not many shops in Germany.

2. Try shoes before you buy them or order with the option to return them. I have either 33 or 34. Some summer I have 33 and 34 is way too big. Some summer I need 34.

3. Also look at the department for children in normal shops.

4. Take your time.

5. A lot of brands have the same fit every year or even the same shoes. It is a good idea to look out for this brand or shops every year. 5. Don´t let yourself be told that 35 will feet. Read my stories further down this text.

6. For neutral shoes look at shoes for boys. Often they have less decoration like stars, princess or heros.

Here are some stories and 1 advantages

As always I have the smallest feet in every company I work. a snobbish couleages bragged about having the smallest feet. Not anymore I told here.

I once walked into a store and asked the seller for shoes in size 33 oder 34. She told me, in this “ I know better“ tone, that I am supposed to bring my daughter. When I told her, the shoes shoud be for me she was shocked. I left the shop.

I walked into a shop and the seller there suggested pumps in size 35. I tried them and they fit but where already comfortable. I paid 100 Euro and never wore them. Every time I slipped out of them after wearing them for 5 minutes. I could not exchange them because I bought them in another town to far away from my hometown.

The advantage: In a room full of adults no one will steal your small and cute shoes.

Unfortunately there are no small shoes for my vintage style. So I buy beautiful shoes which girls would wear for ther first communcant for sommer. And shoes for boys in blue for winter.


Do you have tipps for other readers?

Do you want to tell your stories.

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