Buying small shoes as a grown-up woman

(For reader from other countrys: my size in Germany is 33/34, depending on the shoes or season. Sizes for grown-up woman start at 36, rarely at 35).

When I want to buy shoes I go to a shop with shoes for children.

No, you didn´t mesread this

Fate, god or nature decided small feets are enough for me.

When I was a teenager I bought shoes especially sneakers and boots. After all you could lace them up tightly. But, I needed beautiful shoes to war with my dress at my graduation. A 36 in pumps was too big for me.  My stepmother didn´t believe me when I told her how small of shoes I wore. So I showed her the pump sliding off my feet.  That  convinced her I was telling the truth. 

My twinsister have a size 34 or 35. 

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